Welcome to Reptile Fairs.

The fair is for everyone interested in reptiles and other exotic animals. It is possible to meet, exchange experiences, sell, and buy animals, there will also be stands with terrariums and equipment for all aspects of the hobby.

Come and meet the fascinating animals, from snakes, lizards, amphibians, invertebrates, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, hamsters, to ferrets, and much more.

We aim to open up and showcase the hobby in the best possible setting to ensure understanding of our hobby, increase the professionalism and animal welfare. Veterinary checks ensure all conditions are in order and in safe hands.

We hold fairs twice in spring and autumn. Visit us in Rødovre Hallen or Hedensted Centret.

Hedensted Centret: April 6, 2024
Rødovre Hallen: May 4, 2024

Hedensted Centret: september 7, 2024
Rødovre Hallen: October 5, 2024

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Entrance fees:
Adults: 85 DKK
Children (7-11 years old): 45 DKK
Children (0-6 years old): free

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