Ball PYTHON (Royal python)


Ensuring that the terrarium conditions meet the requirement set for different snakes is essential. The size is for fully grown snakes between 1.2 – 1.4 meters, L: 120 cm D: 50 cm H: 50 cm, in total 300 liters. My terrariums are designed in a way that makes them easy to clean. I use vinyl at the bottom and 10 cm up the sides.

You can then use pressed shavings or the new product toa-latt, which are pressed paper pellets to lay out as a base layer. I have a loose glass bowl, which they use to drink and bathe in, and when a snake is on its way to shed its skin, I put the glass bowl halfway over the hot area. This provides good humidity, so it is easier for the snake to shed its skin.

A good climbing branch is recommended in the terrarium, where the snakes can also lay. Royal pythons like to have a place to hide, so it’s good to provide them with a large piece of cork, wood root, or a plastic hide they can crawl into.


As for lightning, a dimmed light is recommended since they live on the forest floor and in caves. In the summertime we recommend about 12-14 hours of light, and in the wintertime about 8-10 hours. For warmth, there is a heating mat at one end of the terrarium. This must be remembered, as the snake should be able to get to a place where it is not as warm. Daytime temperature should be between 27-29 degrees Celsius, with a warm spot of about 32-35 degrees Celsius. At night the temperature should drop to 22-23 degrees Celsius. You can buy thermostats where you can set the temperature, including night lowering.


Royal pythons eat rodents. Meaning mice and rats. Small snakes should be fed every 10 day and larger snakes should be fed about every third week. It can sometimes be difficult to figure out, as some will only eat mice and some only rats. Some will only eat dead and some alive. Some with light on and some with the off. But, I can only say, find out exactly what your snake prefers. Regarding vitamins, if the rodents have had a good diet, and the snake sheds its skin, and is healthy, I do not regard it as necessary, but it is possible to inject vitamins into a dead feeder animal.