Thanks for this year

Thank you for this year, thank you for 4 wonderful fairs and thanks to all the exhibitors and visitors.
It has been a pleasure to see both new and old faces.
It has once again been great to see how many visitors made their way past our trade shows.
I am now ready to take on the new and updated website in use.
The new page contains a lot of new initiatives and more will follow:
  • Buy & Sell page for individuals (Animals & Accessories).
  • NEW booking forms that are easy to view Single Booking & Seasonal Booking.
  • Accommodation options according to the fairs.
  • Love & Rules.
  • Info for exhibitors.
  • Info for visitors.
  • Fair overview.
  • My Account Overview.
  • Halplan & Exhibitor List.
RTR-Total's reptile fairs are looking forward to 2020 and welcome everyone whether you breed or are interested in reptiles, toads, insects, rodents, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, ferns, fish, birds or other exotic animals.
I look forward to some nice fairs as always and to see you all again when the new season starts.
The trade shows are now open for registration


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