Laws and regulations of participants at the Repat Fair:

  • Spirits or tobacco must not be eaten in the hall.
  • Damage to buildings and fixtures must be replaced.
  • When electricity is needed, self-extension wires are carried.
  • It is not allowed to carry animals which, according to Danish legislation, are prohibited from selling/holding.
  • It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor/seller to have knowledge and to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the animals, plants and accessories carried at the fair.
  • No animals to be exhibited/sold covered by Annex A of the Ministry of Environment and Energy regulations 499 of 27. May 1997 on the Conservation of Wild fauna and flora by controlling trade therein (Washington Convention/Cites) without the permission of the Forest and Nature agency.
  • There must be no sale to children under the age of 16.
  • Anyone who has a stand at this fair has the full responsibility for the animals being exhibited/sold at the booth regardless of the ownership. The animals that are no longer associated with stands (i.e. has been sold/transferred) the owner has full responsibility for.
  • As far as possible, animals should not be taken out and handled. If this takes place it is at the Exhibitor's own responsibility.
  • For the sale or transfer of animals, instructions must accompany the proper care and storage of the animals.


Laws and regulations on the storage of animals during the fair:

  • The animals must be in escape-safe terrariums or boxes.
  • In the case of animals carried on the reptile fair, the individual temperature, water and feed requirements of the animals must be met.

In the case of terrariums/aquariums/cages for animals at the reptile Fair:

  • That they comply with a reasonable hygienic standard.
  • That they do not overfill.
  • That there are no sharp or pointed objects inside, tape or other interior that the animals can damage themselves.
  • That the size and décor are appropriate for the animals and their behavioural requirements.

Appropriate décor means that:

  • The animals can stand/lie in a natural position.
  • Species that need bathing facilities must have a flat bowl, basin, etc. With water.
  • Burial species shall have appropriate digging possibilities.
  • Climbing species must have the opportunity to climb.
  • Sky species must have the opportunity to seek camouflage or partially hide.

Paddel Arver and the neotene salamandre (= adult larvae) must have either air supply via air,

Water circulation or frequent water change